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Testimony from our members:

 When I first walked through the doors of LPROG, I was welcomed with open arms from everyone. LPROG has changed my life. When I walked through the doors of LPROG, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I have experienced God's presence in ways I could never have imagined. I now have a church family that loves me unconditionally and accepts me as I am.  -Melissa


What La Porte River of God Church Has Done for Me and My Family
  Since my family has been going to La Porte River of God we have been truly blessed. We are not bothered by the day to day struggles that the world brings us. We have been shown that if you put your trust in God, He will see you through the problem. My family has gotten so much stronger since coming to this church. We look forward to going. We know our church family will be there to see the Holy Spirit move. We couldn't think of better people to share that with. I recently lost my job after 20 years with a company. Instead of getting down on myself and falling into despair I turned to God. I thanked God for the 20 years with that company and I also began to thank Him for the new job he would bring to me. I thanked Him for the victory He was bringing to my family. Coming to this church has taught me that if you give it over to God and trust in Him then He will move the mountains in your life for you. -Kevin

This is the story of an ordinary Christian. Like most I went to church, praised and worshipped the Lord and then went home.
In my thoughts and my mind I thought I was walking with the Lord. La Porte River of God and Pastor Brumley opened my eyes to a true walk
and service to my Lord and church. The assembly of a loving and caring church group opened my eyes to true fellowship and a Christ-like
behavior. Today my walk and spiritual health is closer and more in touch than I have ever been. I now can say I truly know God and walk thru
life to do His purpose. Praise God, Praise His assembly and thank God for La Porte River of God Church.